Alberta Credit Counsellors can help you find out all of your options for dealing with your debt. Want to reduce your monthly payments? Make a settlement? Questions about bankruptcy? 780-488-3328.

We are not debt collectors or bankruptcy trustees. We work for you, our clients. At Alberta Credit Counsellors, our mission is to help Canadians with financial difficulties solve their debt problems without borrowing more money. We can give you the knowledge and the assistance necessary to turn your credit problems around. We use proven, effective methods to deal with your creditors, eliminating debt pressure and offering solutions that make sense.

   Are you only able to make minimum payments on your credit cards?

   Are you having problems paying monthly bills regularly and on time?

   Are you consistently using your overdraft?

   Are you charging more each month than you can pay on credit?

   Are you over your borrowing limit on your credit cards, overdraft, or line of credit?

   Are your creditors calling you?

   Are you being threatened with garnishees?

If these are questions that are concerns in your life, there ARE options and we CAN help.

At Alberta Credit Counsellors we can help you:

   Consolidate bills into one affordable monthly payment.

   Prevent garnishees or seizures of your assets.

   Negotiate settlements.

   Stop collection calls.

We can help you with:

   Simple budgeting classes

   Debt Pooling


We discuss ALL your options.

For more information, please call us at 488-3328 in Edmonton or if you are elsewhere in Alberta, call toll free 1-800-890-9612.